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CCFGroup PTA and MEG price methodology and applications
——Shen Yinjiao and Shi Jiaping, Lead Analysts of CCFGroup

2023-03-29 14:33:30

Shen Yinjiao and Shi Jiaping, lead analysts of CCFGroup deliver their report of CCFGroup PTA and MEG price methodology and applications


Shen Yinjiao 


 Shi Jiaping

The report is divided into three parts:

The first part illustrated methodology of PTA spot price. Ms. Shen Yinjiao introduced methodology of CCF PTA spot basis index and CCF PTA basis for the next month.

In the second part, Ms. Shen continued to introduce methodology of PTA daily price of  China domestic market, import and export market, as well as China-made bonded PTA price.

In the third part, Ms. Shi Jiaping published methodology of CCF MEG Price. Ms. Shi illustrated 2023 methodology of MEG spot price of East China market, Ningbo and South China, and 

2023 methodology of MEG spot basis of East China market, methodology of MEG forward price, and methodology of MEG in CFR China market.

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