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Analysis on the future competitiveness of China's syngas-based MEG industry
——Xie Wuqiang, vice president of SHCCIG Yulin Chemical Co., Ltd.

2023-03-28 15:14:44


The report is divided into three parts:

Part I: MEG industry analysis. This part first introduces MEG capacity and growth rate, the share of coal-based production capacity, the slowdown of overall capacity growth in 2023, and the growth of new capacity in Chinese market. Then it introduces the national coal-based MEG output and operating rate, the increase of domestic supply, and expects that the dependence on imported MEG will drop to near 30% in 2023. In the long term, the price of MEG shows an overall downward trend. Finally, the operation of key oil-based MEG enterprises in 2022 and the operation of key coal-based MEG enterprises in 2023 are introduced.

Part II: Cost and profit comparison between syngas-based and oil-based MEG. This part mainly includes cost comparison between coal-based and oil-based MEG in 2023, profit and quality comparison between coal-based and oil-based MEG from 2021 to present.

Part III: Introduction of typical coal-based MEG enterprises. It mainly introduces the basic information of SHCCIG, the world’s largest coal chemical projects under construction, and the distribution map of domestic coal-based MEG, etc.

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