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Expectations restore prematurely, downward cycle has not ended
!!Wang Pei, Founder of Horizon Insights

2019-03-22 09:50:57
Wang Pei, Founder of Horizon Insights, delivers his report of Expectations restore prematurely, downward cycle has not ended 

Mr. Wang pointed out that financial market showed optimistic anticipation toward economy, while the reality of economy did not change. There is no real rally perceived in short cycle. Thus, he thought the global economy downtrend has not ended, which has risk to deteriorate further in short run. The slower economy in US is analyzed as bullish in short run, but may exert new impact on world economy with the time going by. Crude oil market is affected by US economy, and the slower economy in US will pose pressure on crude oil supply/demand balance. The manufacturing industry cycle in China is still becoming slower, and the infrastructure is the upward hedging force confirmed now. Industrial fundamental of the galvanized plate related to infrastructure has improved, which may have positive influence on the balance sheet of Zinc. The sales cycle of real estate is still dampened with lower growth rate of new opening but the speed is not fast. The manufacturing industry cycle declines along with the global market. 
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