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[Polyester Session]"Block chain + big data" Open a new era of Chinese apparel manufacturin
¡ª¡ªHuang Gui, CEO, Jiangsu Zhiyuan Co., Ltd. ,

2019-03-21 16:05:21
Huang Gui, CEO, Jiangsu Zhiyuan Co., Ltd. , delivers his report of ¡°Block chain + big data¡± Open a new era of Chinese apparel manufacturing 

Firstly, Mr. Huang pointed out that current development tendency was coordinately upgraded by consumption, market, economy and industry. Current apparel industrial development was divided into two aspects: the transformation and upgrade of apparel operation pattern and the development of apparel supply chain. 

Industry 4.0 should solve the core problem, flexibility, to realize scaled personalized custom design. 

Current consumption and market upgrades are driving structural adjustments on the supply side, requiring innovative business models to address the industry's biggest pain point ¨C inventory. The new era of apparel manufacturing strategy is to build an industrial Internet and create a super supply chain, positioning as an open platform for new manufacturing capabilities. Business model is chain + network + cloud trinity. 

He suggested that to achieve consumption upgrades, we must start with culture, taste, and quality improvement, and achieve consumption upgrades through channel upgrades and product upgrades. In the future, human beings and technology will co-exist, and the Internet industry will promote the development of Chinese apparel manufacturing new era.
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