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[Polyester Session]Interim overview and outlook of China chemical fiber industry during the ¡°13th F
¡ª¡ªHe Yanli, vice president of China Chemical Fibers Association

2019-03-21 16:39:43
He Yanli, vice president of China Chemical Fibers Association, made her report on Interim overview and outlook of China chemical fiber industry during the ¡°13th Five Year Plan¡± 

Mrs. He reviewed the general situation of textile industry. As to textile, export structure adjusted somewhat and export power was still tolerable. As for chemical fiber industry, main business income of above-designated chemical fiber enterprises approached 790.58 billion yuan in 2017, up 9.7% compared with 2015, with yearly growth at 4.74%. Production stayed at 49.19 million tons in 2017, and the output growth rate was slower than that during the ¡°12th Five Year Plan¡± period. Chemical fiber accounted for 83.5% in textile fiber processing and production of chemical fiber possessed 68.7% of world total. Feedstock self-sufficient rate moved up and import dependence may drop dramatically within 2-3 years. 

Then, Mrs. He reported key task performance. First of all, major tasks propelled actively, with obviously effective achievement. In structure adjustment and transformation, industrial structure successively optimized, merger and reorganization accelerated. Capacity release of private chemical fiber companies boosted integrated refining and chemical project. The Belt and Road strategy boosted industrial internationalization pace. Enterprises in refining, polyester and other aspects have been carrying out overseas production projects. In technological innovation produces¡¯ remarkable achievements, innovative system and platform construction improved further. Technology of differential functional fiber rapidly developed and significant progress in technological innovation of high-performance fiber was obtained. Intelligent manufacturing saw great progress and national awards of the industry since the ¡°13th Five-Year Plan¡± were mentioned. In new progress made in green manufacturing, green manufacturing and manufacturing level of recycled fiber kept improving. Industry access standards and evaluation system construction were continuously promoted. The supporting role of the green platform became more prominent. To actively promote brand, standard and talent construction, brand building witnessed significant effect, standardization system constriction further promoted, and talent construction continuously strengthened. 

As for key area, Mrs. He talked of differentiated and multi-functional fiber quality improvement, green manufacturing and recycling High-performance fiber industrialization, intelligent manufacturing, bio-based fiber and raw material industrialization, and brand cultivation and quality improvement. However, Mrs. He argued that there were existing problem in the industry overcapacity in some industries. There were shortcomings and problems of high-tech fiber. Fiber recycling systems and levels, and some national policies still needed to be improved. Then, she reported that key work in the industry counted much. It ought us to continue controlling the quantity and optimize the inventory, to accelerate breaking through the key technologies and bottlenecks of high-tech fibers, to promote green development in all directions, to improve the standard management and technical level of recycled chemical fiber, and to vigorously promote the integration of military and civilian integrative development. 

All in all, upstream and downstream needed more communications to achieve coordinated development of industrial chain. 
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