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Shell EG/EO technique and catalyst
!!Chen Zhengyuan, EO catalyst Sales Director of Shell (China) Limited

2019-03-21 15:06:17
Chen Zhengyuan, EO catalyst Sales Director of Shell (China) Limited, delivers his report of Shell EG/EO technique and catalyst  

Mr. Chen briefly introduced the basic situation of Shell, including its business scope (downstream, integrated gas and new energy, project and technology, upstream), history (CRI, CRITERION and SHELL GLOBAL SOLUTIONS integrated into one) and its main targets. 

Secondly, Mr. Chen introduced the process authorization and investment process of Shell Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol from the following aspects: 

1. Investment history: 06-10 years is the peak period of investment, with an increase of 7 million tons of epoxy equivalent, mainly in the Middle East; only 2 million tons in 11-14 years; 5 million tons in 14-17 years, of which Shell 50%, thanks to its high-performance reactor design, lower investment costs; 7-year capacity is expected to grow at 4-5%, and it is estimated that 10 million tons of epoxy equivalent after 19 years, mostly from China . 

2. Shell's experience comes from 11 sets of EOEG devices and 91 licensing technologies. The distribution of Shell technology licenses is concentrated in East Asia, Europe and America. 

Then, Mr. Chen introduced their catalysts in detail, including the following aspects: 1. Characteristics: In the early 1980s and 1990s, efforts were made to improve safety. It was the first to adopt a series of technologies (the removal of impurities at the front end of the quenching section. Methane replacement Nitrogen as a stagnant gas, etc.; in recent years, there has been greater progress in improving energy efficiency and catalyst performance; 2. Shell is the industry leader in catalyst developers and has experience; 3. Catalyst Type; 4, Shell is committed to maximize customer benefits by increasing production and reducing raw material consumption. 

Finally, Mr. Chen made a good prospect for the development of MEG.
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