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Influence of PTA internationalization on enterprises' operation
!!Xu Ji¨en, Vice General Manager of Sales Center of Yisheng Petrochemical

2019-03-21 11:50:47
Xu Ji¨en, Vice General Manager of Sales Center of Yisheng Petrochemical, delivers his report of Influence of PTA internationalization on enterprises' operation 

Mr. Xu describes the influence of PTA internationalization from three aspects. Firstly, there is basis of introducing foreign investors to PTA market. China PTA industry has advantages in cost and scale, industrial chain and business mode. Polyester industry demand triggered by Belt and Road Initiative extends to overseas market, including import of PX and export of PFY, PSF and PET bottle chip. Secondly, futures products of industrial chain also provides financial support for internationalization. 

Thus, what's the influence of PTA futures introducing foreign players? Mr. Xu reports that it helps to enhance the global influence of PTA futures and ensure the fair rights of domestic companies; bonded delivery could increase purchase and sales channel; and it's beneficial to reduce comprehensive taxation of overseas traders. Due to the increase of participants, trading mode also becomes more diverse. The traditional trading mode involves institutes and third-party service providers, no longer the buyer and seller market only. 

For the future development, Mr. Xu expects that the market will no longer focus on the changes in absolute prices, but seek the balance of spreads from the market changes of the industrial chain variety, integrated processing fee accounting and periodic distribution. Industry chain product trading platform can make real market prices reflected, market channels broadened, financing easier and transactions safe. 

As the industry develops, business mode will be diversified: the cooperation of industrial chain participants is deeper; finance + industry complements to form competitive advantage; using a variety of tools to package raw material cost index, and with the clear division of roles, to become stronger in the professional field. 
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