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In 2017, an unusual boom showed in polyester industry chain. End-user demand steadily recovered, profits of enterprises continued to improve, and overall market sentiment was better on rally in crude oil and commodity futures. Polyester industry stepped out of trough, and entered a new development cycle.
However, new concerns arise with the restarts of some purified terephthalic acid (PTA) units. The industry may see a new pattern, with the approach of aromatics capacity expansion, continuous heat in new coal-based mono ethylene glycol (MEG) projects, and the roll out of new hedging platforms.
Will the prosperity in polyester industry sustain in 2018, and what risks and changes will be seen in the industry?
CCFGroup will hold the 17th China Hangzhou Chemical Fibre Forum (2018) in Hangzhou, China, in March 28-30, 2018. We sincerely invite you to come to Hangzhou and share your experience and insight with industry elites, to seek more development opportunities.

Meeting Matters


Registration: 13: 00-20:00, Mar 28, 2018
Forum: Mar 29-30, 2018


New Century Grand Hotel, Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou, China ★★★★★(New Century Hall, 4F) (No. 818, Middle Shixin Road, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China)

Conference Fee

USD 1,380/person (USD 1,280/person before Mar 18; incl. conference, meals, conference documents, simultaneous translation; excl. accommodation)

Accommodation Fee

Twin-bed Room: 580yuan/person/day
King-size Room: 650yuan/person/day


Contact: Grace Xu
Phone: +86-571-8378 6660, +86-18768101814
Fax: +86-571-8378 6600
E-mail: market@ccfgroup.com, xdq@ccfgroup.com


Refund can be claimed before Mar 12 in written form
March 29 A.M.
8:30-8:40 Opening Speech
8:40-9:40 Development and policy direction of high-quality economy and new opportunities to enterprise ——Chen Dongqi, Academy of Macroeconomic Research. NDRC
9:40-10:10 Outlook for China's Energy & Chemical market ——Xu Jin, General Manager of Rongsheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and Rongsheng International Trade Co., Ltd.
10:10-10:25 Teabreak
10:25-10:55 2018 PX-PTA supply-demand and market outlook ——Gao Younian, Chief director of synthetic raw materials, Sinopec
10:55-11:25 2018 China's MEG market highlights and industry climate outlook ——Gao Lei, General Manager, HighChem
11:25-11:55 Introduction to MEG futures contract and rules designing status ——Chen Ruigang, Director Assistant of industrial products, DCE / PhD in Economics, GUCAS
March 29 P.M. Polyester Chain Session
14:00-14:20 Awards for 2017 China's Top Ten Suppliers in Polyester Chain
14:20-14:50 Polyester market development and demand outlook for 2018——Yuan Yuan, Senior Analyst, CCFGroup
14:50-15:20 Introduction on participation of offshore traders in PTA futures——Wang Zongfang, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange
15:20-15:30 Teabreak
15:30-18:00 Round table discussion(Invited guests: Wang Pei from Horizon Insights, Yu Miao from Sinopec, Yang Dong from Hongkai, Zhou Xiaokang from Youshan Funds, Wang Jin from Yong’an Futures, Lai Tianming from CCFGroup)
March 30 A.M. MEG Session
8:30-9:00 Investment strategies of stocks, bonds, and commodities for polyester chain in 2018 ——Xu Zhilong, Executive Director of Strategic Investment Department, DH Fund Management
9:00-9:30 2017 China's MEG market review and outlook for 2018 ——Yang Lixian, Manager of Feedstock Purchase Department, Zhejiang Hengyi Petrochemicals Co., Ltd.
9:30-10:00 China's MEG trading pattern and opportunities in 2018 ——Wang Yousheng, General Manager, Jiangsu Foho Import & Export Co., Ltd.
10:00-10:30 Introduction on RMB MEG swap and central counterparties clearing business ——Chu Jiewang, Chemical Business PIC, Shanghai Clearing House
10:30-11:00 (Syngas) coal-based MEG market development and outlook ——Yang Qianli, General Manager, Shanghai Yijing Industrial Co., Ltd.
11:00-11:30 Discussion on the launch of MEG futures ——Discussion on the launch of MEG futures
Note: topics are still updating and subject to changes

Join In

17th China Hangzhou Chemical Fibre Forum (2018)
*Requirement for accommodation Twin-bed Room:580 yuan/person/day
Full King-size Room:650 yuan /person/day
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17th China Hangzhou Chemical Fiber Forum hosted by Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd (www.ccfgroup.com and www.ccf.com.cn)will be held in New Century Grand Hotel during Mar 29-30, 2018.
Supported by the commercial sponsors, the forum will provide a platform for the enterprises to promote. Please consider the sponsorship proposal according to your own. (The number-limited items will be determined by the receiving order of the confirmation letters.)
Expiry date: March 18, 2018
Items Form Fee Remarks
Top 10award Sponsor ★ Sponsorship for 2016 China's Top Ten Suppliers in Polyester Chain Awards
★ Address before the Awards (5 mins)
★ One issue of WeChat promotion
5850 USD Only one
Reception room ★ One reception room for discussion
★ Conference fee of 1 participant will be waived
★ 2 roll-up banners
3000USD Only three companies
Promotional video ★ Play before the conference (sponsor provides the video)
★ Play time: 5 minutes
1500 USD Only three companies
Business desk A ★ One table, two chairs and background board (3.6m*2.5m) 2700 USD Full
Business desk B ★ One table, two chairs
★ Two roll-up banners
1800 USD Full
Large-scale printing ★ Background of registration desk
★ 4m*2.8m
12260 USD Only one
★ Background of business desk
★ 3.6m*2.5m
1500 USD Only one company
★ Porch
★ 3m*2.4m
1800 USD Only eight companies
Ad in the conference presentations (A4, color printed)

★ Front cover

★ Inside front cover

★ Inside back cover

★ Back cover

★ First content page

★ Content page

2700 USD

1800 USD

1500 USD

1800 USD

1800 USD

1200 USD/page

Self-design Size: 216×291mm, 300dpi
★ Page footer (name, tel or slogan, within 25 Chinese characters) 1200 USD Full
Water sponsor ★ Provide water for the conference with hangtag on every bottle 2260 USD Only one, tag size: 35mm*35mm
Ad in the back of representative badge ★ Name, logo, Tel number and ad slogan (within 25 Chinese characters) 1200 USD Full
Ad in the lanyard of representative badge ★ Name, logo in the lanyard provided by the sponsor 750 USD Full
Directory of the forum ★ Name, logo, Tel number and ad slogan (within 25 Chinese characters) will be printed at the footer 750 USD Full
Materials or handouts ★ Sponsors' promotional materials will be placed in materials bags
★ One material for one sponsor, and sponsor provide the material
750 USD Full
Roll-up banner ★ 0.8m*2m roll-up banner in conference hall or tea- break area USD750/pair Exclusively limited
Wechat promotion ★ Insert a link in the conference advertisement on WeChat (600*400)
★ twice during the conference, not in the top news
600 USD Only two companies
Sponsorship Confirmation
Design requirement Own design  Commission design
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