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Introduction on participation of offshore traders in PTA futures
!!Wang Zongfang, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange

2018-03-29 15:40:22
Wang Zongfang, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, presented her report of Introduction on participation of offshore traders in PTA futures 

For background, first, domestic futures market speeds up opening. Second, the Belt and Road national strategy brings valuable chances to offshore trading of PTA Futures. Third, Glut in domestic polyester market requires exports. 

For general principles, purpose of futures market is to serve real economy and national strategy. Client that already opened an account will not be bounded by above-mentioned regulations. Chinese and foreign client without opening an account shall adhere to unified investors' suitability system. There are two patterns for offshore traders to participate in PTA futures trades. First, offshore traders can participate as clients of domestic commodity trading companies. Second, offshore traders entrust the members of domestic trading companies via offshore agents, secondary agent pattern. 
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