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Outlook for China's energy & chemical market
!!Xu Jin, GM Assistant, Rongsheng International Trade Co., Ltd

2018-03-29 10:32:04
Xu Jin, GM Assistant, Rongsheng International Trade Co., Ltd. presented his report of Outlook for China's energy & chemical market  

Xu introduced the project of Zhejiang Petrochemical and talked about the changes in global energy and PX market. He analyzed the factors that affect crude oil prices and gives us the outlook form 2018 crude oil market. As for China's refined oil market, fierce competition in domestic market presents normal and export quota will be controlled. Then Xu introduced the current PX market pattern in the world and domestic market. PX import dependency was still high. In the future, China's PX capacity will increase apparently. There may be great changes in global trade pattern. Original PX exporters will have to find other options.
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