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China's coal-based MEG market development and outlook
!!Yang Qianli, General Manager of Shanghai Yijing Industrial Co., Ltd.

2018-03-30 11:26:39
Yang Qianli, General Manager of Shanghai Yijing Industrial Co., Ltd., presented his report of China's coal-based MEG market development and outlook 

1. Introduction to Xinhang Plant: Logistics: ^door to door ̄/ tank car/ flexitank/ tank container; Capacity: Phase I 300kt/year, expanded to 400kt/year in the second half of 2018; to run Phase II 300kt/year unit in 2019. 

2. Coal-based MEG development 
(1) MEG consumption--polyester industry, about 95% of MEG was applied in polyesters. 
(2) Import dependency of MEG is the highest. Coal-based MEG will play an important role in substitution of imported MEG and lift the self-sufficiency. 
(3MEG consumption was about 26 million tons globally. Domestic production was about 2.72 million tons, which may grow to 6.96 million tons before 2020. 
(4) Features of coal-based MEG application: Standard products; Wide range of application coverage;Blended with conventional route MEG; Logistics and package. 
(5) Steady supply and quality; 100% used in polyester production; The precondition is large capacity and high operating rate. 

3. coal-based MEG market forecast 
(1) Before the startups and supplies from crude-based MEG units in North America and the Middle East in H2 2019, coal-based MEG will be the main force for capacity growth. 
(2) Coal-based MEG will be eventually used in major consuming area (polyester) with the improvement in coal-based MEG technology. 
(3) MEG prices are expected to keep high before 2019 on tight supply. Coal-based MEG could ease the tightness and the profits could be positive. 
(4) Difficulties: Cost of coal-based MEG has no advantages over crude and gas based one, based on current prices. Costs for operation and maintenance are still high. 

4. Summary: coal-based MEG market will welcome challenges as well as opportunities. We sincerely hope to work with people in the industry to solidly advance this work to achieve a win-win and stable & sustainable situation in syngas-based MEG market.
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