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!!Xu Zhilong, Executive director of DH Fund Management

2018-03-30 09:21:41
Xu Zhilong, Executive director of DH Fund Management delivers his report of Investment strategies of stocks, bonds, and commodities for polyester chain in 2018 

Mr. Guo shows his report into three parts. 

In the first part, he introduces DH¨s investment philosophy and fund management mode. About the first point, he say about asset rotation under margin of safety, including 5 types of financial assets: stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate and cash. He also introduces DH's two transformations, one is from self-supported to asset-based management and the other main allocation from futures to stocks. About the second point, he says that investment and research department shall determine large and fast variables in economic operations and determine the investment theme, ratings for various assets and portfolios and the direction and proportion of asset allocation. 

Talking about polyester industrial chain, he says that in terms of capacity, the tight balance has been broken. And crude oil is the starting point for a bull commodity market. And the more effective of the PTA price range, the less time it will deviated. As for stock market, downstream listed companies of polyester industry are worth investing, yet leading tycoons shall be attended. 

Finally, he summarizes the investment strategy of futures, stock and bond market. For futures market, to go long the market when decreasing quickly and control stock and reduce spot goods and buy futures. For stock market, stock prices of Hengli, Hengyi, Tongkun and Rongsheng are at high level, not easy to buy. The best choice lies in bond market. On the whole, the best strategy is to buy corporate bonds of leading companies, the second-best strategy is seeking for the underestimated chemical fiber stocks, like nylon and viscose and random strategy is to go long PTA when prices decrease sharply, to do PTA reverse arbitrage when prices surge. 
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