2015 is a dramatic year for polyester industry which moved up at first but then declined with frequent fluctuations. In the first half of the year, market players widely adopted a bullish mood for financial market and crude oil. Prices moved up on warming sales. However, in the latter half of the year, market turned bearish with plunging crude oil and stock market. PX and PTA was rescued by shrinking supply caused by technical glitches but MEG deteriorated amid increasing domestic supply. Trends of polyester products differed under different patterns of supply and demand.
In 2015, exchange rates fluctuated more fiercely and systemic risks came to effect. Global markets features with co-movement. Polyester industry witnessed capacity reshuffle.Enterprises became more diversified.

In 2016, how will macro economy evolve? How to see China's economy in transition? What new situations and reforms will China's polyester industry witness? Will PX and PTA bottom out first? Will MEG get over the weakness and go back to balance. What new development concepts will polyester plants have? Which enterprises will break through bottleneck and gain more development room?
At the begging of spring in March, we sincerely invite you to come to Hangzhou and share your experiences and insights with industry elites, to seek more development opportunities.

Meeting Matters

Registration: 09: 00-18:00, Mar 23, 2016
Forum: Aromatics Session , Mar 23 afternoon
Chemical Fiber Forum : Mar 24-25, 2016
Grand Parkray Hangzhou
(No. 108, North Shixin Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China)
Conference Fee:
1). USD 1380/person (1280/person before Mar 20; incl. conference, meals, conference documents, simultaneous translation; excl. accommodation)
2). 3 months' free trial for participants to access CCFGroup Mobile APP service (Aromatics part)
Accommodation Fee:
Twin-bed Room: 550yuan/person/day
King-size Room: 600yuan/person/day
Contact: Rachel Chen ,Summer Xia
Phone:+86-571-83786653 , 86-571-8378-6698
Refund can be claimed before Mar 8 in written form.

Forum Agenda

March 23
14:00-14:10 Opening speech
— Host
14:10-14:50 Crude oil market analysis and outlook
—Liu Jian, researcher, Shenzhen Kaifeng Investment Management Co., Ltd
14:50-15:30 China, South Korea and U.S. benzene supply and demand analysis
—Shen Yili, Zhejiang Huafeng Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd.
15:30-16:10 Global paraxylene market analysis and outlook
—Bohan Loh, Argus Dewitt
Global styrene outlook & a story of evolution
—Alan Lu, director of aromatics, IHS Chemical
Toluene and mixed xylenes market and impact of oil blending and paraxylene
—Gu Xiaowen, analyst, CCFGroup
March 24 A.M.
8:40-8:45 Speech by ZCE
2016 monetary policy and exchange rate forecast
—Zhao Qingming, chief economist, China Financial Futures Exchange
9:35-9:45 Question
2016 PX-PTA market forecast
—Gao Younian, Chief director of synthetic raw materials, Sinopec
10:25-10:40 Awards for China's top ten suppliers in polyester chain 2015
New pattern-Will Chinese PTA market revive in 2016?
—Xu Ji'en, Deputy General Manager of Marketing Department, Yisheng Petrochemical
Commercialized synthetic gas-to-ethylene glycol technology
—Gao Lei, General Manager, Highchem
March 24 P.M.
Analysis and Prospect of Mono Ethylene Glycol Market
—Kim Jong II, MEG marketing manager, Lotte Chemical Corp.
14:30-15:00 Development of chemical fiber and textile industry under new circumstance
—Qiu Jianjun, GM Assistant, Hengyi Petrochemical
How shall enterprises use PTA futures market to avoid risks?
—Ji Feng, GM Assistant, Research center of Yisheng Corp.
15:30-15:40 Tea break
15:40-16:10 ”Made in China 2025” synthetic heat transfer fluid-hydrogenated terphenyl
—Wu Chaoyang, General manager, Schultz
16:10-16:40 2015 Chinese polyester market review and forecast of 2016
—Yuan Yuan, Senior analyst, CCFGroup
Global textile industrial chain & Strategies of financial support
—Zhang Shuai, Strategic director, Far Eastern Horizon
March 25
2016 global macro trading logic and strategy
—Wang Pei, Founder, Horizon Insights
The Asian Polyester Chain: Chasing After the China Dream
—Salmon Aidan Lee, Chief Consultant on polyester intermediates, PCI
10:00-10:30 Investing strategy analysis in energy and petrochemical industry chain
—Wei Feng, GM of over-the-counter derivative, Guotai Jun’an Futures
10:30-12:00 Discussion
—Invited guests: Yu Miao from Sinopec, Wang Wei from Yisheng PC, Xu Chaoyang from Grand Resources, Wang Pei from Horizon Insights, Salmon Aidan Lee from PCI, Lai Tianming from CCFGroup
Note: topics are subject to changes.

Join In

15th China Hangzhou chemicalFibre Forum(2016)
*Requirement for accommodation Twin-bed Room:550 yuan/person/day(full)
King-size Room:600 yuan /person/day(full)
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15th China Hangzhou Chemical Fiber Forumhosted by Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd ( and ) will be held in Grand Parkray Hangzhou during Mar 23-25, 2016.
Supported by the commercial sponsors, the forum will provide a platform for the enterprises to promote. Please consider the sponsorship proposal according to your own. (The number-limited items will be determined by the receiving order of the confirmation letters.)
Expiry date: March 16, 2016
Items Form Fee Remark
Conference co-sponsor ★ If you want to be the conference co-sponsor, please contact directly with our staff regarding your specific needs.
Promotional video ★ Play before the conference (sponsor provides the video)
★ Play time: 5 minutes
USD1650 each only three companies
Ad in the back of representative badge ★ Name, logo, Tel number and ad slogan (within 25 Chinese characters )
USD1300 Only one company
Roll-up banner ★ 0.8m*2m printing
USD850 Exclusively limited
Business desk ★ Two tables, four chairs and background board(optional positional from A7 to A10 )(Map USD3000 Only four companies
Large-scale printing
★ Background of registration desk USD2500 Only one company
★ Background of A1(Map
USD1600 Only four companies
★ Background from A2 to A6(Map
USD1250 Only one company
Ad in the conference presentations (A4, color printing) ★ Front cover USD3000 216mm*291mm,
★ Inside front cover USD2000
★ Inside back cover USD1600
★ Back cover USD2000
★ First content page USD2000
★ Content page USD1150
Materials bag ★ Sponsors provide materials bags and one promotional materials can be placed in it.
USD1250 Only one company
Directory of the forum
★ Name, logo, Tel number and ad slogan (within 25 Chinese characters) will be printed at the footer
Handouts ★ Sponsors ‘promotional materials will be placed in materials bags
★ one material for one sponsor and sponsor provide the material
USD850 only three companies
Small meeting room (100-200 square meters) near the conference hall and the dining reservation could be arranged!
Sponsorship Confirmation
Design requirement Own design  Commission design
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